06 March 2012

     The following is a brief Twitter clash from late last night and early this morning.  I don't engage strangers in these discussions often.  A few years back, I spent a good deal of time trolling the true believers on Orly Taitz Facebook page when she was trying to convince the world that the president was a mooslim from Kenya.  That was a bunch of fun and I made a couple of friends while teasing the animals in that petting zoo.

     This clash began when I was reading up on the weekend's happenings in MMA.  Josh Thomson, who fights in Strikeforce defeated KJ Noons pretty handily, but he was upset that he didn't entertain the crowd enough.  He had wanted to finish Noons, not bat him around for 15 minutes and win an easy decision.  In his post fight press conference he wore a t shirt that said "Hope isn't hiring", asserting that the current administration is to blame for all the economic woes we are under.  Here is the video:

     Apparently many Twitterers felt that Josh was being racist.  I didn't, and I replied to him to tell him:

@THEREALPUNK I don't think you're racist at all, but the sentiment of your shirt was inaccurate

The inaccuracy comes from the fact that unemployment has come down since President Obama took office.  Here is a table from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing unemployment rates from 2000 through January of 2012.


In the first month after Inauguration day 2001, the rate was 4.2 .  The corresponding number in 2009 is 8.3.  This is nearly double in 8 years.  The number spiked at 10% in October of 2009, and is now back to 8.3.  To lay blame at the feet of the sitting president is folly.  His actions, after two years with an ineffective Speaker of the House who squandered a super majority, and a new Congress determined to do nothing in an effort to make things worse for political gain, have been effective, in my opinion.

Back to the Twitter clash:

Josh Thomson retweeted my reply to his followers.  One took the bait.  Meet Hot Rod Williams, AKA @OHIOFAN365.  Here is our conversation:

@djfick @therealpunk djfick youre wrong! That was spot on!
@OHIOFAN365 too bad facts don't support your opinion
@djfick there isnt enuf time in the day to give u all the facts. Facts back ip what a socialist this administration is! Take take take
@OHIOFAN365 '01 unemployment was 4.2. In Feb '08 it was 8.3. 6 mos later it reached 10. Jan '12 back to 8.3. Those are what facts look like
@djfick NOT true....look deeper into the #'s! Does NOT include people that just gave up and entire jobs totally LOST. Typical blind libera
@OHIOFAN365 1 these are THE numbers from BLS. 2 you made a mistake labelling me. 3 you offered nothing to support your argument good day sir
@djfick go to examiner.com and read "understanding unemployment rate" Plain and simple....really
@djfick just get on the internet and do some research. BLS is only one aspect of the number(s).
@OHIOFAN365 Yes. Reading pro am articles from an opinion site founded by a conservative billionaire oil and land baron is due diligence.
@OHIOFAN365 The sad part is that after your internet boner fades, you'll still be stuck in Ohio. I feel for you. And I said Good Day Sir!

Let's examine this closely.  First, when I do engage in this play with someone, I am careful to check my grammar and spelling when posting.  I made one error when I misspelled "labeling".  My bad.  

Hot Rod "sticks up" for Josh and tells me that I am wrong.  I reply to Mr. Williams in an attempt to get him to elaborate on his point by asking for facts.  He obliges by playing the "there's too much I could tell you, but I won't" card.  A classic opening move.

I can only assume he hasn't seen the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, so I sum it up for him.  He calls the BLS a bunch of stinky liars and invites me too "look deeper into the #'s"  Ooh!  He's about to give me some empirical data that will make me pause and consider his point of view!  Nope.  He calls me a typical blind whaticanonlyassumewasmeanttobe "liberal"

If you only know one thing about my political point of view know this.  I will have no labels placed on me.  I am a member of no political party.  My views cannot be pigeon holed into a convenient box.  If you label me, you've lost me.  I have voted for candidates, never for parties.  

I attempt to coax a better argument from Hot Rod by letting him know exactly where my data came from and reprimanding him for his faux pas.  He tells me to go to examiner.com to read something.  This site is not a real news source.  It was founded by Philip Anschutz, the 39th richest person in America.  He is  shockingly involved in the oil industry, media and real estate, and is a bit conservative. 

Hot Rod also tells me to just "get on the internet and do some research"  This is another "go to" gambit from his kind.  He doesn't need to give me hard facts or supporting info tin order for me to believe him.! I should do the work for him!  I've been on those internets, Hot Rod, and there are some scary places!  If I try to find your point of view without you to guide me, I might stumble upon a LOLCAT or an ad for a  sure fire pill to make my wee wee grow.  And don't get me started on the Russians and their identity theft scams...

Having had my fill of his shenanigans, I bid him adieu, using my tribute to That 70 Show's Fez.  I love it when I get to drop that one.  The dig on Ohio is required only because he is way too proud of his shithole of a home state.  There are only 2 good things in Ohio: Finder's Records (sadly the Findlay location is now closed)  and the Air Force Museum at Wright Patt.  The Cleveland Zoo does not have a single PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!) 

While I was creating this post, Mr. Williams responded again (after 2 "Good Days"!!!)

@djfick ooooooooo! Good come back. Your parents must b proud. More great Americans have come from this great state, look it up!

Once again, he insists that I do the freaking research!!!!!!  Some folks you just can't reach...