26 January 2007

Bad Blogger! Bad....Blogger!

I was able to update my song of the week on Sunday when I got back from my reserve weekend. I didn't have much else to post then, because it was a pretty dull weekend. I'm am taking a CCNA prep course that work is paying for on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm until 9pm. "So what?", you say, "you can't throw us a bone now and then?"
You're right, I've been an asshole. Sorry.
Today I wake up to find that Duke was handed a win over Clemson by the officials. They couldn't give them a win at the foul line, so they played with the clock to give Duke time to score. I hate the Blue Devils, you can tell because I wanted CLEMSON to beat them. Mike, your team is a joke.

I still haven't watched the episode of Heroes that I DVR'ed on Monday. Maybe tonight. I almost forgot, WCNC the NBC outlet here in Charlotte, postponed My Name is Earl and The Office until the middle of the night to show a Children Miracles Network fundraising show. Huh? What? WHy not show it tonight, when NBC has nothing worthwhile on anyway. I hope there was a flood of complaints to the station.

I want to see Stroker Ace ( I mean Smokin' Aces) this weekend. Wish me luck convincing the missus. Love you, baby girl.

Off to work

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