07 January 2007

Extreme Makeover jumps the shark

I really enjoy watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition on Sunday nights. You see a deserving family in need that gets a new house . Poor families, families with disabilities, A terminally ill parent, War veteran, etc, these are the families that they help out, building an awesome new house for them.
Well, the show is now getting played out. Tonight they are building a house for a family in Lincoln, Nebraska. Actually they aren't a family. There is a man with 2 kids and a woman with 3 kids. The man lives in a house and the lady lives in an apartment. They want to get married, but alas... there is no room for all of them to live together! So in swoops ABC. The are sent to Paris, France, while the gang builds them a new house where....sniff,sniff, the 3 girls can all have their own bedroom. This is so they can then make plans with their deadbeat boyfriends to have unsafe sex.
I have a solution for this troubled family. It is called ReMax.com I found them an 8 bedroom house in less than 5 minutes, for less than $118,000. Here's a picture:

click here for details
That ABC and this fine show would let themselves get ripped off like this while there are probably more deserving families within 2 blocks of these con artists is appalling to me.

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