26 February 2007

Post Oscar Rant

Ok, good news first. I was part of a 3way tie in AB's Oscar Pool. I won a DVD. I think I'm going to choose the Best Picture winner, The Departed. That way I can have it and the original, Infernal Affairs.
I didn't watch the entire broadcast, I gave in around 11pm. I didn't see the final winners until the morning when I woke up. For the most part I was ok with the winners, with a few exceptions.
I haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine yet, but I have a feeling that Alan Arkin may have won the old guy vote for his Best Supporting Actor win. I was bummed that Happy Feet won animated feature over Cars. Haven't seen Happy Feet either, and I probably won't. There are a handful of Oscar winning films that I don't ever care to see, most notably The English Patient and Titanic.
The German film winning Foreign Language Film was just plain wrong. I want to see Pan's Labyrinth. If it was good enough to win the other Oscar's it should have won this award without a fuss. I guess the Academy didn't want to the public to think it had gone completely crazy for Mexican movies.
I don't like that The Departed won for best adapted screenplay. It was a remake (albeit in a new setting and in English) of another movie! I wanted Children of Men to win that one, as well as cinematography. That movie is bad ass. It has the feel of a 70's sci fi flick. I will be getting it on DVD the day it comes out, Fo Sho. Finally the most annoying winner was the short film-animated category. The winner, The Danish Poet, looked like it was drawn with crayola markers. I'm sorry I'm not artistic enough to appreciate the classic handmade animation. I should also be considered a savage for preferring to ride in my car instead of a horse drawn chariot. Bah Humbug!

Now that the Oscars are over my focus can shift to bringing an ACC and National Championship to UNC.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know if "The Departed" is the DVD that you want.