01 March 2007

Morning Observation

As I walked the Boog this morning I came across an interesting situation. There was a Jeep Cherokee parked near the intersection in front of my house. It was a mom waiting for the school bus with her young daughter and son. 1st observation, it's 49 degrees and you live 2 blocks from this intersection. Put on a coat and walk to the bus stop! There is no reason to sit in your running car, coddling your kids. If they don't learn to deal with inclement weather, how will they handle true hardships? 2nd, the radio in the car was playing Gangsta Rap. I distinctly heard the catchy chorus of "Kablow! Run M**tha F**ka run!" This is what you play in front of your young children, lady?? Now people, I have a CD rack chock full of Parental Advisories. It is my responsibility as a parent to control the profanity content of the music my kids hear when I am with them. So now I know that someone in my neighborhood is raising overprotected, overexposed children. She's far from the only one who drives their kid to the bus stop. There's one lady who drives her child from the driveway to 60 feet from the end of the driveway. I wonder why our kids are becoming obese?


GET3 said...

KID PLEASE!! YOU AND YOUR HARDSHIPS! You and I both know that the only hardship you had was when they closed the arcade at Hillcrest!! You sing your tune now, but wait until it is her first day at school! Gore warming, my lilly white a$$!! You will have Momma Girl taking baby girl, and you will be rear security in JEEP! Times are changing and it is only up to you to keep your kids safe. If that means sitting in a running car for comfort so be it! Gas will be up to about $8 bucks a gallon then, but it is a small price to pay for piece of mind! You will see my brother, that the way you see things now will not be that way very soon. As for the music the mother was subjecting her kids to: I have Tipper Gore looking into this! She will get back to me by the end of the week!

Chris said...

Oh please, this is from the punk kid who broke into a guard shack to stay warm while waiting for the bus! I will STAND there with my kid, but idling at an intersection? NFW!

GET3 said...

Whoa..Whoa..As the great Icepick would say "I do not recollect this ALLEGED event!" I thought we were on the subject of hardships, not an ALLEGED B&E! It appears that I have touched the blog author's nerve! Let us move on to more Boog ratings, you will need that nerve for her teenage years.