06 June 2007

More griping about our underfunded military

I am on a huge fact finding kick about the greed and fraud that is plaguing our military and defense department. Here is a 9 minute section of the Dateline NBC report about dragonskin body armor and the f d up way it was rejected by the Army.


GET3 said...

I don't get! Everyone should have a crusade, no matter what the subject is. I agree that our government is not the best at anything. This is to include R&D, testing, and production oversite. Future Weapons (discovery channel, military channel) is a show that featured the dragon skin in its first testing phase. Looked great, passed 7.62 full metal jacket rounds just as NBC shown. Some of you might remember the old vest with the kevlar inserts, if not then skip ahead! The bulk, weight, and water absorbtion,(sweat) made these a bitch to wear. Technology advances faster than a blink of an eye in everything. If and when dragon skin is approved in a year or two, we will complain that the new GATOR HIDE is better than the old dragon skin! WTF!! Well press on brother fick! Sign me up for the new gator hide!!

GET3 said...

As one can see I have had a chance to stew over this. It only applies to army personnel (it may also apply to other service personnel who are assigned to an army unit, but their parent branch does not impose the SGLI revocation for not utilizing Interceptor Body Armor). What that means is that the operators/end users in the MARINE CORPS,(yea it's in all caps MF'ers)Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force do have the option of using Dragon Skins or some other armor that meets or exceeds Mil-Standards. On this very blog I laughed at a pic with a cave man in it. "So easy a cave man can do it." Fine, lets get congress involved. We will have hearings, a grand jury, court tv, NBC, and all the talk radio people convict these BASTARDS of being idiots! We will throw our hands up -BLAME BUSH- and thank the spirit of your choice, that HRC will save us ALL! Yup its f'd up. Props to Fick for bite'n into this. Do they still say props? Sign me up for the GATOR HIDE! WTF!

Chris said...

You are my hero LCpl