28 June 2007

NBA draft

The TarCats are on the rise! I am thrilled that Brandan Wright was available at 8 fo rthe Bobcats to draft. Corey Brewer would have been nice, but I'm still stoked about this pick. Jared Dudley is a good pick too. Something about him bugged me watching him play at BC, his expression. He was their best player so it remains to be seen how it works out for the Bobcats.

After my initial excitement, now I have to go to bed with the prospect of the Bobcats trading Brandan's rights to Golden State for Jason Richardson. I don't want that trade at all.

Well it happened, MJ traded away promising talent for Jason Richardson, who wears #23. I uess it's a good thing that he didn't get ejected from any playoff games. Is it my Tarheel bias that upsets me? Am I judging him to soon?

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