15 June 2007

Well so much for the NBA finals

Cleveland stunk it up. James seemed to be the only one playhing like he wanted to win. The effort that the Cavs gave was pitiful. I guess it's because other than 23 the team is a bunch of crap players. Sasha and Zidrunas (sp) are OK for stretches, but Marshall, Hughes and Snow are all dead weight. I'm glad I'm not a fan of the Cavs, because they look to suck for a while. They don't have a 1st round pick next week, so they can't draft any help, and the owners don't spend $$, so they can't buy it. Go Bobcats!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I'm sorry ou didn't like the finals. I heard some new playas might make the team better. One of the players is named Randolph Sloan Jr. and he loves it in the paint. Bye

Screaming Viking said...

the Bobcats are a sinking ship. We have plenty of room on the Raptors bandwagon for anyone who wants to sign up.