21 July 2007


So last night was the big finale of the big money trivia dome. I came home from work ready to slay the dragon. Then bedlam erupted. Kyia was cranky and not eating well, the desktop crashed and wouldn't reboot, and the chicken we meant to cook for dinner was still frozen! So after soothing the baby (she's still a little cranky, but has eaten. methinks she's backed up) beginning to wrestle the desktop (update later) and ordering Thai food for dinner. It was time. 50 questions. I made sure to read the question well and I was flying. Until Alec Baldwin came along. Actually it was the 2nd Baldwin question to come along. I nailed the one about his Oscar nomination for the cooler (2003), but this was question 50. Get it right and I have a chance at the $10,000 grand prize! It was along these lines, Alec Baldwin, a well known liberal, utters the phrase "The Patriot Act! You gotta love it!" in what movie? I tensed up and answered The Good Shepherd. Yes folks, a movie set in the 50's and 60's and I attribute a line about a 2001 legislative nightmare to it. Of course the answer is The Departed, one of my favorite movies from last year. I have the scene running on continuous play in my head right now. I was so close. I coulda been a contender!


Anonymous said...

I sent you that DVD!!!!


Chris said...

I know, I know!