03 September 2007

The Silence of the Big House

App. State stunning Michigan is awesome! I was at my fantasy football draft. We were watching the end of the Va Tech game and we hoped that ESPN would go to this game for the last minutes, you know, bonus coverage. But instead they went to the next game on their schedule. The same network that would interrupt all programming to bring us a steroid abuser trying to break the home run record, and that the night before went away from a college game to show a Twins pitcher blow a perfect game and a no hitter, would not show the end of the App State-Michigan game. ABC shows Big 10 football, so I refuse to believe that they didn't have access to the feed. I think it's just that they couldn't find a way to make money off of it in time. And then later that night, they broke away from another colege football game to show the last out of a Red Sox no hitter! Anyway, go App State!

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