06 September 2007

Ughh...Raw Data

Well I just finished up 2 days worth of data entry. I have now catalogued my CD collection. Im' going to take a break from the computer and get ready to watch football. Here is a breakdown of my cd's (not counting homemade mixes and albums that are only on my computer. These are the cd's I bought either new or used:
Total: 1003
A: 43 B: 85 C: 69 D: 63 E: 16 F: 43 G: 32 H: 42 I: 17 J: 21 K: 21 L: 26 M: 81 N: 23 O: 18 P: 50 Q: 8 R: 34 S: 102 T: 49 U: 13 V: 107(includes nearly 100 various artists entries) W: 33 X: 1 Y: 3 Z: 3

Whew, I'm glad I'm done with that. Tomorrow I'll take the data and convert it to a web friendly, eye pleasing format and post a link on the side of the blog.

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