31 December 2007

Trivia Time!

As I was passing time at work today, I quizzed myself on 5 TV girlfriends, see if you can name them all. You need to give me the 1st name of the significant others of these TV characters: Kevin Arnold, Ferris Bueller (it was TOO a TV show!), Doogie Howser, Mike Seaver, and Charles (as in ...In Charge) Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Good gravy that's tough. The best I can do is -

Kevin Arnold dated Winnie
Ferris dated Jennifer Aniston
Mike Seaver dated Booger


Chris said...

Actually, AB (and I had to use IMDB to confirm it) Aniston played the role of sister Jeannie that Jennifer Grey played in the movie. Ami Dolenz played the role of Sloane Peterson.

ruffin said...

So how many did you dig up during work? And how do those five shows happen to pop into your head?

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