29 January 2008

Bad Drivers #1

In what I hope becomes a recurring post, I am going to tell the story of a bad driver I observed this morning.
While driving on highway 161 from York to Rock Hill, a car came up very close behind me. The driver apparently didn't appreciate that I was travelling 50 mph in a 45 mph zone. It didn't matter that there was a line of cars in front of me or that we were in a construction zone. When the road widened back to 4 lanes, I pulled into the right lane so our impatient friend could get by me. It turns out that the car (A brown, metallic flake Toyota Camry SC plate798VFS) didn't think the car that had been in front of me was going fast enough so it pulled in behind me, without using a signal to change lanes, and resumed tailgating me. A few hundred yards later the car was able to get by us both. Almost. There was the small matter of a red light. The driver, now seen to be a young woman in her 20's pulled along side of me. Thankfully she wasn't talking on a cell phone. I was about to forget the matter altogether when I noticed something in the back seat. There was a young child laying down in the back seat- no belt, car seat or any other form of restraint. This woman was speeding and tailgating at 6:15 in the morning with an unprotected child in the vehicle! The more I become immersed in fatherhood, the more things like this piss me off.

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