17 February 2008

This weeks Song of the Week

After posting this weeks SOTW, I realized I have posted the song before. It was an Albert King recording of the song. This song is important to me because of the 1st version of it that I heard. I was in high school when I was introduced to Jimi Hendrix. My buddy Peter Zoole had Hendrix Plays Monterrey, a live recording of his US debut. That cassette was holy material for me. Introduced me to hard rock psychedelic rock, and the blues all at once. Musically, I was never the same after hearing it. That recording is what made me want to learn to play the guitar. I would bang out Wild Thing as loudly as I could on whatever I could get my hands on! This week I feature Howlin' Wolf's rendition of Killing Floor. Next week I will play the Hendrix version.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fantastic song. I remember when I was in high school I used to play old Hendrix stuff over and over to try to duplicate it. Learning Hey Joe was the felt damn good...


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