22 March 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Kyia!

Sunday, the 23rd is Kyia's 1st birthday. I honor of her great day I am repeating a song of the week for the 1st time. Right after she was born, I was taken to the room in the maternity ward with her while they took care of Laura after her C section. Well, I was all alone in the room with my precious little newborn daughter and I didn't have a clue what to do. So I sang to her. I sang Bob Marley's 3 little birds. I wanted her to know right from the start that I would be there for her. I put the song on her 1st mix CD as well. Last week Laura and I watched I Am Legend. In the movie, Will Smith's character sings the song to his dog. It felt like someone had entered my brain and taken my idea. Oh well, I did it 1st, and it was REAL, ot a movie, so Plllbbbt! Happy Birthday little one, Daddy loves you!!!

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