05 April 2008

Pre Game Message

I'm taking a few moments before UNC's game against Kansas to pound out a blog entry. In about an hour I'll be a nervous wreck on the couch, only consolable by sips of Presidente beer. In the meantime I am under attack. Remember the windmill scene in Army of Darkness? Well I have a few tiny DJFicks poking at the inside of my mouth with forks and spears. That is the result of my visit to the orthodontist on Thursday. At the tender age of 36 (until the 28th) I finally decided to get braces.

I'll be wearing them until April of 2010. It feels wierd to have things attached to my teeth, and I may never eat the same again! I don't fully chew my food now, I simply try to break it down into swallowable bites.

Well, off I go to take a couple of Aleve. Go Heels!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Sorry about NC - that stinks. I was rootin' for them.

I had a wisdom tooth removed a few months back but before I did I was in a whack of pain. Try some of this and see if it helps.