21 September 2008

Enough, already!

I am completely sick of NASCAR radio and TV personalities (Dave Despain,Winston Kelly, etc.) telling me that I should give Kyle Busch credit for being a better driver that everyone else.  There is no other sport in America that has a less objective cadre of  commentators.  These clowns never ask tough questions of officials, owners or drivers because they are scared to death of losing access.  They are the biggest bunch of France family cheerleaders in the world.

And then they keep telling me how I should like Kyle Busch.  F U all!!!!! I hate Kyle Busch.  There, I put it in italics, boldface, and changed the color to emphasize my position.  This will never change.  Ever.  I am also annoyed by the callers to radio shows who say this.:

  “I’m not a Kyle Busch fan, I ‘m a NASCAR fan… but Kyle Busch deserves props for his driving.”


Guess what dickhole? You are a Kyle Busch fan!  Get out of the closet and start mainlining M&Ms!  Gaaarrrgghhhh!!!!!!!


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Wong Wu Akita said...

To the writer of this blog:
I have been a high ranking official of NASCAR for many years. I'm also a proud owner of a 14,000 sq. foot, custom built home on Lake Norman, and I get 4 new Toyotas every year. It has been brought to my attention that you do not like the presidential treatment we are giving Kyle Bush. You poor simple outsider!!

You have no idea what it takes to maintain this empire we call NASCAR. In the weekly talking points Toyota gives; Ford, Chevy, and Dodge are loosing market share in the USA. Toyota, with great quality, price, and appearance, has taken the lead in the mid-size car market. The care Toyota has for the environment, world hunger, and the corporate goal to prevent all elderly abuse just cannot compare to the US's Big 3. The Big 3 sit idle asking the Government to bail them out while Toyota employees are rebuilding low income housing in the Gulf of Mexico.

NASCAR no longer cares about the fans or the past. It is all about who can give us the most money. Toyota is lining all of our deep pockets. If Toyota says that Kyle Bush is the best thing since condoms, then he is. Mr. writer, you must understand. We (NASCAR) have not received a check from you, so you sir have no say. As a matter of fact, I've been tasked to tell you quit wasting your time. We are not Burger King. You will not have it your way. You will accept the way we have packaged the NASCAR product. We already know that you will do this because ratings are up and sponsors are lining up for quality teams.

Kyle Bush is last in the Chase. NASCAR and Toyota told Kyle not to go on "Prime time", damn that curse. Look for us to have a major media blitz, we have to earn our pay-offs. It has even come to the point where we will now help Kyle during the race. I do not expect your support just your silence.

Best regards you poor simple outsider,
Wong Wu Akita
NASCAR Public Relations Officer