21 October 2008

Fun with Photoshop

edit: GET3 has spoken and his new GHWT band will indeed named FIHYR!

So I'm waiting for my trimmer battery to charge up so I can finish trimming the yard. So I decide to play around with photoshop to create a band logo for a fictitious band. The one GET3 and I will use to dominate Guitar Hero World Tour. We haven't settled on a name yet, but I had a few I pulled out of Monster Manual II ( the same tome that gave birth to the name Kyuss) I used the image of the Deathbringer (there is already a russian metal band by that name, dammit!) and the name Fihyr (pronounced "fear"):

Fihyrs are the collected fears of humanity made corporeal.
These creatures were once thought to be related to beholders,
but in fact there is no connection between the two kinds
of monsters aside from a superficial resemblance.
As the remnants of hundreds of people’s
nightmares swirl

through the ether,
they somehow combine with leftover magical
power and coalesce into these physical monsters. A few
random dream images aren’t enough; it takes the strong emotional
energy of a mass of people under duress to spawn a fihyr.
The right combination of conditions is most often found in
cities that are under siege, or being terrorized by monsters, or
suffering from famine, civil war, or some other mass trauma.
Great fihyrs are larger, more intelligent, and much more
dangerous than the smaller variety. A great fihyr forms

when a number of small fihyrs combine.

I need some more elements (flames, anyone?) in the lower corners, and maybe a headless corpse or two. What do you think?


GET3 said...

Loving it! I did not find Fiyhr as a russian band?? I would be upset if that is the case. I like both fonts, and the creature. You handle photo-shop very well.

Chris said...

Deathbringer is the russian metal band. The creature is ta Deathbringer, the creature for fihyr is a multiple mouthed blob with two tentacles for propulsion. I have updated the monster doc with images