06 October 2008

The Time Has Come

It is now October, 1 month left until the 2008 presidential election. i have waited until after the 1st 2 debates, but now is the time...

If this were 2000, I would vote for John McCain. It isn't, and McCain isn't the "maverick" he was back then. He is a beaten, desperate man. Not beaten by the democratic party of the campaign, but beaten by the RNC. They forced him to co opt everything he's stood for in order to be the nominee. The very same people who ran attack ads about him in the 2000 republican primaries are the same ones now campaigning for him. He has betrayed my trust by changing his position on just about everything I care about, all to try and appease the same people who so viciously opposed him before. I would have loved to see President McCain in 2000, but now is a different time, and the man I admired is gone.

Here are some examples of today's republican party:

another note about Palin, it's neat how the RNC can pull the string in her back and make her say anything they want. If I wanted a puppet show in the White House, I'd vote for these two: link
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