12 November 2008

I'm afraid it's just a matter of time

The above image is a vision of the future for my XBOX360. I have experienced several hiccups lately, involving discs suddenly becoming unreadable, only to work again after rebooting. Then Nascar 2009 started locking up on me. Then this week while test driving GET3's Guitar Hero World Tour, video game hell broke loose. I was away at the chiropractor and returned to find that the game had frozen up. GET3 tried all manner of troubleshooting techniques and was convinced that the disc was to blame. I disproved that by causing the system to lock up while merely trying to move around in the dashboard. Then after another restart it was there: The Red Ring of Death staring us dead in the eye! After the initial shock of GET3 having no earthly idea why I had called it that, the panic set in. I quickly offered a prayer to Link, the Norse god of whimsy and gaming systems.
I rebooted the system and surprisingly it fired up. We played a quick game of Bankshot Billiards 2, which is saved on the hard drive. I then went through the saved game files and deleted a corrupted file from Guitar Hero 3, as well as the file we had saved already from the new game. We were actually able to play the game for a couple of hours with no problems, aside from the new guitar controller, which was registering the notes I played, but not allowing them to add into a streak, causing the crowd to boo us off the stage. We switched to my Guitar Hero 3 controller which performed with no problems. I

I haven't played anything since. I know that soon it will break for good and I will have to send it off to the MS Hospital.

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GET3 said...

After I got home I went straight to Mr. Google. I'm pissed!!! I'm pissed off at the fact that Mr. Bill Gates let's this B*LLSH*T cont. GamePro had an article that had 12% of all XBOX 360s sold in the US had the "RED RING OF DEATH" issue. I'm pissed off that I told my best friend that the XBOX would be a better buy. (We all had Playstations up until this point.) It appears Mr. Bill sells his game consoles like his operating software. A SH*T load of advertising and no quality support....