23 December 2008

News Flash!!!

Sure everyone thinks the Evil Empire's acquisition of free agent Mark Teixeira is the big news item of the day. Well they are wrong, dead wrong. The big news of the day is that yours truly has finally harnessed the power of High Definition....

I have now entered the world of Blu Ray. I wanted to get the model one step down, which was $100 less, but when you go to the box store on the week of Christmas, the pickins can be rather slim. This beaut was the only one there from Samsung. Since I already have a Samsung TV (50" DLP) I wanted seamless integration. Here are my 1st 2 BluRay discs:

I knew I wanted Dark Knight after watching it on DVD, and I am a huge Coen Bros. admirer. BluRay discs aren't cheap, so my library will grow slowly. Luckily, my player will upconvert my existing DVD's to 1080p, so they will not be relegated to the scrap heap!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Chris! Merry Christmas.