05 February 2007

People...I am not bummed!!

I know that NC State beat North Carolina on Saturday. It didn't end my world, it barely moved the needle. I have said for years and years that there are only 2 games in the regular season that matter. The first one is this Wednesday. UNC can go 2 for whatever for all I care; just as long as the 2 wins are against DUIke. Then comes the ACC tournament. UNC should win that tournament every year. Then they get an automatic bid to the big dance and win the National Championship. Now I will admit that I would prefer that they go undefeated all year long, but I can assure you that losing to State in Raleigh is no big deal. Go Heels

I would like to apologize at this time for incorrectly guessing the final score of the Super Bowl. I know that some of you out there might have taken your savings and placed a bet with your neighborhood bookie. I feel awful that Indy couldn't get that safety in the 4th quarter to reach my goal of 31 - 17. I should have placed a disclaimer like this:
This prediction should be used for entertainment purposes only

I enjoyed the game, the pre-game was crap, Prince was awesome, the commercials were mostly good. Sports Talk radio here in Charlotte decided to team up and bash the game all day long. I give the whole Super Bowl programming a rating of:

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