04 February 2007

Super Bowl Prep

Well, the chili is in the crock pot and most of the house is cleaned up. There is still a bunch of cooking left to do, but all is well. I'm hoping that everyone that comes has a great time. This will be my 1st Super Bowl since basic training with no alcohol. That one doesn't really count though (Super Bowl XXIX) because I only saw 10 seconds of the entire game! My 1 year alcohol sabbatical ends on my birthday.

But this is about(aboot) the game tonight. I really think that the Colts will win. Defense wins championships is the way the line goes, but the lack of consistent, reliable offense (yes I'm talking to you Rex Grossman!) can undo all that the defense can give you. In the end, there are too many weapons at Manning's disposal. Barring Brian Urlacher breaking Manning's leg on the 1st snap, the Colts should bring home the Lombardi trophy. In the spirit of prognostication....go ahead check my spelling, I'll wait......I nailed that one, didn't I?.....I'll say the final score will be :

Indy 31 Chicago 17

For those who can't make it here tonight, enjoy the game wherever you are!

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