18 February 2007

Sunday News

I'm going to try something new this evening. I want to put together some quick links to cover different stories from this past week. World and local news, entertainment and music, sports, and leisure, kind of like my friend Andy's quick hits

World News

Here's an Op-Ed about the deception leading up to the Iraq war from The Week

Local News

The guys who can't figure out who broke in and stole my TV want the residents of Charlotte to tell them how to do their job. Story courtesy of Charlotte.com


There was only one real story in entertainment this week:


I live in Charlotte, which is the center of the wrestling universe. Without Crockett Promotions and the old NWA, Vince McMahon would just be another steroid abuser. Why then is there no regular coverage of wrestling in the Charlotte media? I have to turn to charleston.net and Mike Mooneyham. This guy has a weekly column in the Sunday News and Observer. Here's a story from last month about the loss of a great talent. Wrestling News

Let me know what you think and other areas I could search for stories that interest you, dear reader.

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