18 February 2007

This Man Is A Liar

In his popular and famous HBO special, Bill Cosby Himself (1983)
Bill Cosby did a long bit about childbirth and labor. It was quite funny to me, I was 12 at the time, ans more importantly, I thought that was everything I would ever need to know when the time came for my wife to have a child. This man is an imbecile. After attending a day and a half of childbirth training classes, I now suspect that there was no factual accuracy to his anecdotes. He was merely trying to make us laugh! We were not taught the crazy breathing techniques he describes. In fact we were told that that would cause you to hyperventilate! Overall the class was interesting and informative. It is nice to know what will be going on inside Laura's belly as she gets ready to bring our child into the world. We still have a CPR class and a car seat class to attend in the coming weeks as the countdown continues

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