28 September 2007

The Commish is soft on crime

2 weeks ago, Roger Goodell's office fined TO $7,500 for using the football as an imaginary camera. This week he fined Vince Wilfork $12,500 for deliberately using his elbow to injure JP Losman's knee on the 1st play of the Pats / Bills matchup. TO's act caused a few seconds of delay in setting up for a PAT, and entertained (or annoyed) the fans. Wilfork's act sent a starting QB to the bench, forcing a rookie to enter the game to face the mighty Patriots. I believe that it would have been more severe if Belicheat hadn't have already gotten the team in trouble with the league office. Goodell slapped Wilfork on the wrist to avoid the impression that the NFL was trying to "pile on" the poor Patriots. I call mierde del toro! Sorry, AB but your team will get no more love from me for a long time (Unless they play the Cowboys!)


Anonymous said...

They actually do play the Cowboys this year.

But honestly... Belicheat?



Chris said...

I learned the Belicheat title from sports talk radio!

Screaming Viking said...

Having to watch the Bills every week, most ppl are happy someone got Losman out, as the coaches wouldn't do it.
Go Edwards!

Anonymous said...

I actually agree. It's not like Losman playing the full game was going to make a win or lose difference...

Also, feel free to rip the Pats. As long as they keep steamrolling everything in their way you won't hear me complain!


P.S. To be honest I'm a little nervous about this Cinci matchup. The Bengals right now are like a cornered animal.

Screaming Viking said...

Edwards, Edwards, Edwards!
Bills win and it is all thanks to Wilfork!
We owe him a fruit basket as thanks!