02 October 2007

Busy Homelife

The inspector came to the house yesterday, the appraiser today, and packing up is nearing full swing! Kyia is now over 6 months old and she's more active every day. I have only played Halo 3 for 30 minutes since I bought it. Oh well, in a few weeks, we'll be in our new house and I can find the time to catch up with games and everything else! I'm stoked about moving away from Charlotte (Estimated population in July 2006: 630478) and to York, SC (Estimated population in July 2006: 7465). It is 35 miles from the new house to work, but I will gladly drive farther to give my family a better place to live.

Here is the old house and the new house:

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Screaming Viking said...

good luck with the move.