07 May 2008

Political Bits volume 1

This man, Pat McCrory wants to be the next governor of the great state of North Carolina. He has been the mayor of Charlotte since 1995. Here's an ad he has about his stand and plans on gangs, crime and illegal immigration.

This would be a fine, hopeful idea except for the fact that mayor Pat can't even control those issues on a municipal level. How is anyone supposed to believe that he can do so on a state level? Criminals in Charlotte are back on the streets before the ink on their intake paperwork is dry, and gang activity is growing into the suburbs.

Now, if you want a governor who will ignore the wishes of the voters (downtown arena voted down by citizens, built anyway with tax dollars), and give favors to real estate developers in zoning applications(see current state of tear downs on dilworth and south park where one lot becomes 3, helping to price middle class out of the market) then he's your man.

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bacaorr said...

Huzzah my friend!!!!