22 July 2008

July 22nd observation

I encountered this vehicle while driving on Hwy 51 this morning. The driver was wearing an anniversary band that probably cost more than my trip to Aruba. There was a young child in the back. The vehicle, a nearly brand new Yukon, was traveling ~ 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. The driver was changing lanes without using a signal, darting back and forth as if she were driving a sports car. Notice the McCain sticker on the left and the private school sticker on the right.
Despite all of her efforts to win the race taking place inside her head, I ended up behind her at a stop light some 3.5 miles from where she first blew by me. It is a great illustration of the parable of the tortise and the hare, and further evidence that there are too many people that just don't get it.


GET3 said...
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GET3 said...

One time, I got behind this at&t van and he was taken pictures while driving. Click, click, click, clicking away, thumb at XBOX 360 speed! I was impressed. Then all HELL broke loose! He started to slow to 25mph in a 45mph! There must have been 50 cars backed up on Hwy 51 behind this at&t van. His head just drops down, chin touching chest. I truly get concerned. When we got to the stop light I go to make sure this guy isn't having some medical issues. I get up to the door. Start to bang on the glass, and then I see it! Yep! He was uploading to his BLOG!!!!!! That "tortoise" is my HERO.