24 July 2008

Oh the humanity!!!

I was just listening to HYPE (espn) radio and Mike Tirico was interviewing Caleb Campbell. Campbell is the West Point cadet who was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 7th round of this year's draft. When he was announced as the Lion's pick, his mom rejoiced and the sports media world said a collective Awwwww. They were sure that little Caleb would be safe from the 'evil doers'. Not so fast my friend. DOD has now decided that little Caleb has to earn the free education that he was given by living up to the terms of his contract. Tirico can't beleive what he's hearing. You could hear him harumphing after Campbell told him he was on his way to sign his Lions contract when he got the news. Campbell has no issues with the fact that he has to serve. Let's see how HYPE handles it. Let's see how long it takes for them to mention Pat Tillman. Then they can call up Tillman's mom and get her reaction. What good argument is there for allowing someone out of their obligations in order to play a game? If a cadet is really good at math, can he avoid serving his country to go be a CPA? The NFL will still be there when his time is up. If he is anywhere near as good a soldier as he is a DB, he'll still be here too. Good luck, Lt.!

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