01 August 2008

Not again!!!

Please Lord, give me a few million dollars and the fame of being a professional athlete. Give me this gift and I promise I will be able to remove all anger and childish impulse from my character. Oh to have the burden of financial responsibility lifted and to be able to enjoy life. If you can't give this to me, then can you at least help Steve Smith, WR for the Carolina Panthers, realize the gift he has been given? Click the pic for story.

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GET3 said...

Two games! Come on, way to tie your hands right out of the gate. I'm on the side of Smith on this one. I don't care if Lucas told him his shoe was untied. If Smith felt Lucas needed a bell ringer, so be it. Hurney and Fox gave Smith two games to think about it! Thanks Hurney and Fox for the 0 and 2 start. You make it hard enough to pull for you guys and now I have to wait to see where Farve ends up. I might just pull for that team, we know they will not go 0 and 2!!!!