04 August 2008

Sorry Jr, it's all my fault

There I was. Pacing in front of the couch, watching the last few laps of the Penn 500 at Pocono on Sunday. Carl Edwards or Jimmy Johnson were going to finish 1 and 2, that was decided. The order would depend on the amount of gas in the 99. The excitement was building inside of me because all of STR8 Arrow Racing's 4 cars (88,20,99,29)* were in the top 5. I was holding back my urge to whoop and holler. Then Carl Edwards passed underneath the white flag. One to go! I shook my fist in victory and began to step toward my phone to give GET3 a call to celebrate. Then in a flash I realized my mistake! I froze in place and stepped back in front of the TV to resume my nervous pacing. It was too late! I had done it! I pulled a Thompson! As Edwards and Johnson crossed the line you could see it in the background. Jr's AMP Chevrolet was out of gas and coasting in. The 24 was out as well and the two cars were locked into one of the most bizarre drag races in history. Car after car went by the pair, and Jr's 4th place finish morphed into a 12. The only bright spot was that the 18 had run out of gas and had trouble restarting, finishing in 36th. Click the Ocho Doble for race results.

* STR8 Arrow Racing is the imaginary race team that GET3 and I "own" And by imaginary I mean we just don't have the money put together yet to purchase the contracts of these 4 drivers!

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GET3 said...

If you look back at my "JR for Energy Sec." you would have seen I was pulling for him, then! It was not all your fault CWF! I was pulling for him too.. I did not wish for what happen, but just thought that you should not take all the blame. To pull a "Thompson" one must be alone in the cheering. Against all odds, the "Thompson" is alone in his premature celebration, just to see it crumble in front of your eyes!! Jr just could not do it this time without the yellows. What does suck the most is that 24 finished ahead of Jr. STR8 Arrow had a h3ll of a race.