07 September 2008

Ficksworld v. ESPN Part II

I am wondering if anyone out there knows why this man is still employed by HYPE:
Chris Berman has been washed up for years. No one likes his nickname schtick anymore, he doesn't offer any insight to the game of football, all he does is take up desk space (and plenty of it!) and raid the craft services table.  Sometime last year his Swami bit really started to bug me.  He makes picks for a handful of games each week.  He actually picks a score for the two teams when he picks his winner.  Then he tells you the next week how well he did the week before.  The trouble is, when he tells you he was 4 and 2, he's only looking at the winners and losers.  He ignores his score.  This season I plan to try and track his actual record according to the picks he makes.  Here are his 1st week picks:

NYG 23, WAS 16
NYJ 20, MIA 14
HOU 24, PIT 27
JAC 17, TEN 19
StL 10, PHI 27
DAL 30, CLE 28
CAR 13, SD 28

Now here are the results:

NYG 16, WAS 7
NYJ 20, MIA 14
HOU 17, PIT 38
JAC 10, TEN 17
StL 3, PHI 38
DAL 28, CLE 10
CAR 26, SD 24

Now Tubby McGee (how's that for a clever nickname?) actually got 1 right!  But he'll tell you that he was 6 and 1.  The truth is that he amazingly went 1 and 6.  That NYJ/MIA pick is eerie!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on that Panthers win. I watched the last ten minutes of that game. Absolutely fantastic football!