07 September 2008

Ficksworld v. ESPN Pt I

ESPN lost me as a true believer when they let this man get away:

Dan Patrick was the greatest talent that ESPN ever had.  Ever since he left ESPN on August 17, 2007.  I have waited for him to return to my radar.  He was always great on sportscenter, especially when he was teamed with Keith Olberman.  I really enjoyed him more on his radio show.  He was free from the "keep it popping" format of SC and was able to be more of an actuall sportsfan.  He also wasn't afraid to piss off an athlete by asking him or her the questions that needed to be asked.  He's been working with CNN/SI for a while, but I haven't seen or heard from him.  I have Sirius so I can't get his show on XM 144, but maybe I will after the merger is final!  I was stoked to see him on the NBC Sunday Night Football coverage along side KO!  Long live Dan Patrick!


Anonymous said...

Now if they would just get rid of Collensworth that show would become watchable.


Chris said...

you're right, AB! i've heard more than a couple of people comment about how sorry he is. he was barely tolerable on HBO where they were able to retape segments. in a live environment he is utter crap! maybe he's trying to be the next Madden. BTW, what are the odds that some network will try to get Brady in their studio for the rest of the season?

ruffin said...

DP said on the new show that the last straw was when ESPN asked him to go on SlimFast with Golic. His reaction was apparently along the lines of, "I'm 6'2", 205. I'm not sure I need to lose a lot of weight." Apparently, the plan was for him to gain 20-25 lbs first.

Not wanting to be the De Niro of sports anchors, he took off.

Least that's how he told it a week or two ago on the show. I'm sure there was more. ;^)